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Most people don't realize that some of the best used vehicles we get never get advertised or even make it to the lot. That's because customers have left us information on the vehicle they desire, and when we get a close match we call these customers. They purchase these vehicles and the vehicles never make it to the lot.

So we highly recommend that you let us know what it is that you desire in a vehicle. We understand that we might not have the exact vehicle you are looking for, but if you let us know what it is you want, we can usually obtain a close if not exact match within a reasonable amount of time. These vehicles are usually local trade-ins and we have a better selection since we sell the most new vehicles in our area.

Whether it be new or used, we'll do our best to find the car that meets your needs. Just fill out the short form and we'll confirm with you when you might expect to get the vehicle requested. Thanks for visiting our website! -- Bill McCurley

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