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2018 Toyota Sequoia SR5 8-Passenger
MSRP: $57,114
McCurley Discount: $4,157
McCurley Value Price: $52,957
StockNumber: TJ34ExteriorColor: Magnetic Gray MetallicInteriorColor: Graphite

2018 Toyota Yaris iA Base
MSRP: $17,945
McCurley Discount: $185
Toyota Rebates: $1,250
McCurley Value Price: $16,510
StockNumber: TJ119ExteriorColor: Chromium

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Premium
MSRP: $34,243
McCurley Discount: $494
Toyota Rebates: $3,500
McCurley Value Price: $30,249
StockNumber: TH534ExteriorColor: TitaniumInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota Corolla iM Base
MSRP: $20,645
McCurley Discount: $921
Toyota Rebates: $2,500
McCurley Value Price: $17,224
StockNumber: TJ153ExteriorColor: RedInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota C-HR XLE
MSRP: $23,689
McCurley Discount: $876
Toyota Rebates: $1,500
McCurley Value Price: $21,313
StockNumber: TJ164ExteriorColor: GrayInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure
MSRP: $32,635
McCurley Discount: $1,351
Toyota Rebates: $2,500
McCurley Value Price: $28,784
StockNumber: TJ165ExteriorColor: GrayInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota Tundra SR5 CrewMax TRD Sport
MSRP: $46,959
McCurley Discount: $2,664
Toyota Rebates: $2,500
McCurley Value Price: $41,795
StockNumber: TJ173ExteriorColor: BlackInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota Highlander SE
MSRP: $43,189
McCurley Discount: $2,707
Toyota Rebates: $1,000
McCurley Value Price: $39,482
StockNumber: TJ223ExteriorColor: PearlInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota RAV4 SE
MSRP: $32,444
McCurley Discount: $1,280
Toyota Rebates: $2,500
McCurley Value Price: $28,664
StockNumber: TJ220ExteriorColor: BlueInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota Prius Two
MSRP: $25,828
McCurley Discount: $809
Toyota Rebates: $1,500
McCurley Value Price: $23,519
StockNumber: TJ238ExteriorColor: GrayInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota RAV4 XLE
MSRP: $29,549
McCurley Discount: $1,165
Toyota Rebates: $2,500
McCurley Value Price: $25,884
StockNumber: TJ246ExteriorColor: BlackInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota Highlander SE
MSRP: $43,189
McCurley Discount: $2,707
Toyota Rebates: $1,000
McCurley Value Price: $39,482
StockNumber: TJ252ExteriorColor: PearlInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota Tundra SR5 CrewMax
MSRP: $45,114
McCurley Discount: $2,462
Toyota Rebates: $2,500
McCurley Value Price: $40,152
StockNumber: TJ254ExteriorColor: RedInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota 4Runner Premium
MSRP: $39,659
McCurley Discount: $1,976
McCurley Value Price: $37,683
StockNumber: TJ287ExteriorColor: BlackInteriorColor: Black Graphite

2018 Toyota Sequoia TRD Sport
MSRP: $59,445
McCurley Discount: $4,300
McCurley Value Price: $55,145
StockNumber: TJ291ExteriorColor: Magnetic Gray MetallicInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota Tundra Limited CrewMax
MSRP: $49,365
McCurley Discount: $2,690
Toyota Rebates: $2,500
McCurley Value Price: $44,175
StockNumber: TJ304ExteriorColor: Super WhiteInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota 4Runner Premium
MSRP: $40,744
McCurley Discount: $2,061
McCurley Value Price: $38,683
NW Package: $4,595*
StockNumber: TJ326ExteriorColor: GrayInteriorColor: Black Graphite
toyotacaresafety sense

*(NOT including the basket on top!) $5,295 with crossbars and basket.

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2018 Toyota Corolla XSE
MSRP: $23,924
McCurley Discount: $1,134
Toyota Rebates: $2,250
McCurley Value Price: $20,540
StockNumber: TJ338ExteriorColor: Black Sand PearlInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota Prius Two
MSRP: $25,580
McCurley Discount: $759
Toyota Rebates: $1,500
McCurley Value Price: $23,321
StockNumber: TJ337ExteriorColor: Magnetic Gray MetallicInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota Tundra SR5 CrewMax
MSRP: $44,895
McCurley Discount: $2,418
Toyota Rebates: $2,500
McCurley Value Price: $39,977
NW Package: $4,895
StockNumber: TJ339ExteriorColor: GrayInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota C-HR XLE Premium
MSRP: $25,345
McCurley Discount: $921
Toyota Rebates: $1,500
McCurley Value Price: $22,924
StockNumber: TJ356ExteriorColor: BlackInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota Corolla iM Base
MSRP: $20,880
McCurley Discount: $945
Toyota Rebates: $2,500
McCurley Value Price: $17,435
StockNumber: TJ357ExteriorColor: PearlInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota Tacoma SR
MSRP: $24,480
McCurley Discount: $619
Toyota Rebates: $1,000
McCurley Value Price: $22,861
StockNumber: TJ359ExteriorColor: Silver Sky MetallicInteriorColor: Cement Gray

2018 Toyota Tundra Limited CrewMax
MSRP: $49,365
McCurley Discount: $2,690
Toyota Rebates: $2,500
McCurley Value Price: $44,175
StockNumber: TJ351ExteriorColor: WhiteInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum
MSRP: $48,299
McCurley Discount: $3,152
Toyota Rebates: $1,000
McCurley Value Price: $44,147
StockNumber: TJ369ExteriorColor: Blizzard PearlInteriorColor: Ash


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