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2019 Toyota Avalon XSE
MSRP: $40,457
McCurley Discount: $3,175
Toyota Rebates: $2,000
McCurley Value Price: $35,282
StockNumber: TK02ExteriorColor: Harbor Gray MetallicInteriorColor: Black

2019 Toyota Avalon Touring
MSRP: $44,245
McCurley Discount: $3,336
Toyota Rebates: $2,000
McCurley Value Price: $38,909
StockNumber: TK01ExteriorColor: Harbor Gray MetallicInteriorColor: Black

2019 Toyota Avalon Limited
MSRP: $44,288
McCurley Discount: $3,396
Toyota Rebates: $2,000
McCurley Value Price: $38,892
StockNumber: TK08ExteriorColor: Harbor Gray MetallicInteriorColor: Graphite

2019 Toyota Avalon Limited
MSRP: $44,727
McCurley Discount: $3,533
Toyota Rebates: $2,000
McCurley Value Price: $39,194
StockNumber: TK09ExteriorColor: Parisian Night PearlInteriorColor: Graphite

2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited
MSRP: $45,118
McCurley Discount: $3,463
Toyota Rebates: $2,000
McCurley Value Price: $39,655
StockNumber: TK10ExteriorColor: Harbor Gray MetallicInteriorColor: Graphite

2019 Toyota Avalon XSE
MSRP: $39,993
McCurley Discount: $3,038
Toyota Rebates: $2,000
McCurley Value Price: $34,955
StockNumber: TK13ExteriorColor: Harbor Gray MetallicInteriorColor: Graphite

2019 Toyota Avalon Limited
MSRP: $44,513
McCurley Discount: $3,406
Toyota Rebates: $2,000
McCurley Value Price: $39,107
StockNumber: TK14ExteriorColor: Wind Chill PearlInteriorColor: Graphite

2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid XSE
MSRP: $41,243
McCurley Discount: $3,127
Toyota Rebates: $2,000
McCurley Value Price: $36,116
StockNumber: TK15ExteriorColor: Wind Chill PearlInteriorColor: Black

2019 Toyota Avalon XLE
MSRP: $38,063
McCurley Discount: $2,881
Toyota Rebates: $2,000
McCurley Value Price: $33,182
StockNumber: TK16ExteriorColor: Wind Chill PearlInteriorColor: Graphite

2018 Toyota 4Runner SR5
MSRP: $37,479
McCurley Discount: $2,004
McCurley Value Price: $35,475
StockNumber: TJ503ExteriorColor: Super WhiteInteriorColor: Black Graphite

2019 Toyota 86 Base
MSRP: $30,606
McCurley Discount: $925
Toyota Rebates: $1,500
McCurley Value Price: $28,181
StockNumber: TK18ExteriorColor: AsphaltInteriorColor: Black

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback SE
MSRP: $24,014
McCurley Discount: $1,335
McCurley Value Price: $22,679
StockNumber: TK19ExteriorColor: Smoked Paprika MetallicInteriorColor: Black

2018 Toyota 4Runner Limited
MSRP: $48,319
McCurley Discount: $2,632
Toyota Rebates: $750
McCurley Value Price: $44,937
StockNumber: TJ525ExteriorColor: Midnight Black MetallicInteriorColor: Redwood

2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited
MSRP: $45,752
McCurley Discount: $3,632
Toyota Rebates: $2,000
McCurley Value Price: $40,120
StockNumber: TK25ExteriorColor: BrownstoneInteriorColor: Harvest Beige

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE
MSRP: $34,124
McCurley Discount: $2,020
Toyota Rebates: $2,000
McCurley Value Price: $30,104
StockNumber: TJ543ExteriorColor: Ruby Flare PearlInteriorColor: Black

2019 Toyota 86 TRD Special Edition
MSRP: $33,340
McCurley Discount: $758
Toyota Rebates: $1,500
McCurley Value Price: $31,082
StockNumber: TK26ExteriorColor: RavenInteriorColor: Red

2019 Toyota Tundra SR5
MSRP: $46,498
McCurley Discount: $2,549
Toyota Rebates: $1,500
McCurley Value Price: $42,449
StockNumber: TK27ExteriorColor: Magnetic Gray MetallicInteriorColor: Black

2019 Toyota Corolla L
MSRP: $19,869
McCurley Discount: $548
Toyota Rebates: $1,500
McCurley Value Price: $17,821
StockNumber: TK28ExteriorColor: Super White

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE
MSRP: $38,884
McCurley Discount: $2,379
Toyota Rebates: $500
McCurley Value Price: $36,005
StockNumber: TK40ExteriorColor: Wind Chill Pearl

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport
MSRP: $39,208
McCurley Discount: $1,961
Toyota Rebates: $1,000
McCurley Value Price: $36,247
StockNumber: TK45ExteriorColor: Silver Sky MetallicInteriorColor: Graphite

2019 Toyota Tundra SR5 5.7L V8
MSRP: $46,883
McCurley Discount: $2,577
Toyota Rebates: $1,500
McCurley Value Price: $42,806
StockNumber: TK44ExteriorColor: Magnetic Gray MetallicInteriorColor: Graphite

2019 Toyota Prius c L
MSRP: $23,104
McCurley Discount: $566
Toyota Rebates: $500
McCurley Value Price: $22,038
StockNumber: TK51ExteriorColor: Blizzard Pearl

2019 Toyota Corolla SE
MSRP: $21,694
McCurley Discount: $979
Toyota Rebates: $1,500
McCurley Value Price: $19,215
StockNumber: TK54ExteriorColor: Super WhiteInteriorColor: Black

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport
MSRP: $37,918
McCurley Discount: $1,828
Toyota Rebates: $500
McCurley Value Price: $35,590
StockNumber: TK60ExteriorColor: Super WhiteInteriorColor: Graphite

2019 Toyota Tacoma SR5
MSRP: $37,092
McCurley Discount: $1,866
Toyota Rebates: $1,000
McCurley Value Price: $34,226
StockNumber: TK62ExteriorColor: Silver Sky MetallicInteriorColor: Cement Gray


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