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2017 Chevrolet Traverse AWD LT
Was: $31,344
McCurley Savings: $3,654
Special Price: $27,690
Stock Number: TAP170093Mileage: 15,010Exterior Color: Tungsten Metallic

2016 Toyota Tacoma Tacoma TRD Sport Double Cab 5' Bed V6 4x4 AT
Was: $36,501
McCurley Savings: $4,011
Special Price: $32,490
Stock Number: TTN170118Mileage: 21,645Exterior Color: Barcelona Red Metallic

2015 Toyota Camry SE
Was: $17,864
McCurley Savings: $1,874
Special Price: $15,990
Stock Number: TEH170175Mileage: 54,873Exterior Color: Predawn Gray Mica

2013 Ford F-150 4WD SupreCrew FX4
Was: $34,521
McCurley Savings: $6,231
Special Price: $28,290
Stock Number: TTA170193Mileage: 57,853Exterior Color: Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat

2015 Toyota Corolla LE
Was: $17,523
McCurley Savings: $3,033
Special Price: $14,490
Stock Number: TAP170194Mileage: 35,134Exterior Color: SUPER WHITE

2015 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ
Was: $15,884
McCurley Savings: $894
Special Price: $14,990
Stock Number: TAP170198Mileage: 27,755Exterior Color: White Diamond Tricoat

2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD
Was: $31,869
McCurley Savings: $3,879
Special Price: $27,990
Stock Number: TRQ170212Mileage: 9,460Exterior Color: SUPER WHITE

2015 Toyota RAV4 Limited AWD
Was: $25,456
McCurley Savings: $966
Special Price: $24,490
Stock Number: TTN170221Mileage: 40,477Exterior Color: CLASSIC SILVER MET

2016 Ford Focus SE
Was: $13,268
McCurley Savings: $478
Special Price: $12,790
Stock Number: TAP170235Mileage: 43,597Exterior Color: Oxford White

2015 Ford Fusion SE
Was: $16,522
McCurley Savings: $1,032
Special Price: $15,490
Stock Number: TAP170237Mileage: 37,415Exterior Color: Ingot Silver

2015 Toyota Camry LE
Was: $18,465
McCurley Savings: $2,175
Special Price: $16,290
Stock Number: TTN170245Mileage: 23,272Exterior Color: LT.YELLOW M.M.

2016 Toyota Camry XSE
Was: $23,175
McCurley Savings: $2,185
Special Price: $20,990
Stock Number: TTN170278Mileage: 28,526Exterior Color: MIDNIGHT BLACK METALLIC

2017 Toyota Corolla iM Manual
Was: $19,775
McCurley Savings: $1,785
McCurley Value Price: $17,990
Stock Number: TTT170289Mileage: 4,370Exterior Color: Classic Silver Metallic

2015 Chevrolet Malibu LTZ
Was: $19,317
McCurley Savings: $327
McCurley Value Price: $18,990
Stock Number: TTT170290Mileage: 22,752Exterior Color: Butte Red Metallic

2016 Ford F-150 4WD SuperCrew Lariat
Was: $47,931
McCurley Savings: $5,941
McCurley Value Price: $41,990
Stock Number: TTN170299Mileage: 14,542Exterior Color: Ingot Silver Metallic

2015 Honda Fit EX-L w-Navigation
Was: $15,861
McCurley Savings: $171
McCurley Value Price: $15,690
Stock Number: TTN170298Mileage: 42,602Exterior Color: Modern Steel Metallic

2013 Toyota Tundra 4WD Double Cab 6.5' Bed 4.6L
Was: $30,428
McCurley Savings: $1,438
McCurley Value Price: $28,990
Stock Number: TTN170316Mileage: 27,414Exterior Color: Silver Sky Metallic

2015 Honda Accord Sedan Sport
Was: $21,358
McCurley Savings: $368
McCurley Value Price: $20,990
Stock Number: TTN170318Mileage: 26,824Exterior Color: Crystal Black Pearl

2012 Toyota Camry SE Sport Limited Edition
Was: $17,921
McCurley Savings: $931
McCurley Value Price: $16,990
Stock Number: TTN170323Mileage: 27,318Exterior Color: Attitude Black Metallic

2011 Toyota Camry LE
McCurley Value Price: $9,999
Stock Number: TTN170326Mileage: 89,717Exterior Color: Classic Silver Metallic

2014 Toyota Avalon XLE Premium
Was: $23,297
McCurley Savings: $1,307
McCurley Value Price: $21,990
Stock Number: TTT170339Mileage: 44,929Exterior Color: MAGNETIC GRAY MET.

2016 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Access Cab 6' Bed I4 4x4 A
Was: $25,843
McCurley Savings: $853
McCurley Value Price: $24,990
Stock Number: TTT170353Mileage: 52,589Exterior Color: Super White

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT
Was: $24,180
McCurley Savings: $1,190
McCurley Value Price: $22,990
Stock Number: TAP170350Mileage: 22,753Exterior Color: Granite Pearlcoat

2016 Nissan Pathfinder 4WD SV
Was: $26,553
McCurley Savings: $1,063
McCurley Value Price: $25,490
Stock Number: TAP170348Mileage: 31,562Exterior Color: Gun Metallic

2016 Chrysler Town and Country Touring
Was: $24,320
McCurley Savings: $1,330
McCurley Value Price: $22,990
Stock Number: TAP170356Mileage: 30,290Exterior Color: Bright White Clearcoat